features last freebie song from Sara Beth.

picture-2Today is our last time to feature a new song from Sara Beth Geoghegan .  Sara Beth thanks so much for sharing these songs with us.  If you have enjoyed them on here but want to have them to take with you, then you will rejoice in knowing Sara Beth is on itunes. Click here to launch her itunes page .

Here is Sara Beth one final time to share her heart about one of her new songs:

Other Side of the Cloud:  I was taking a walk with a good friend in New
Orleans at Audubon Park.  It is a beautiful park across the street from my
grandparents house, so it feels like home to me. However, I had just
broken off an engagement and was having a severe crisis of faith and
identity.  I asked my friend Toy if I would ever emerge from the heavy
darkness I had recently entered into.  She told me the story a mentor had
told her when she had been in her own intense darkness, doubting that she
would ever be “normal” again.  There was a bird in the middle of a stormy
cloud.  She was lost.  She was fumbling around for light.  She felt
oppressed by the dark cloud.  She spent some time in the cloud, learning
how to navigate when there wasn’t much visually to see.  Everything felt
confusing and hard, but she kept going.  When she finally reached the end
of the cloud, she burst out into the light.  And the sky was more
beautiful for the time she was in the dark cloud.  She flew higher and the
sun felt warmer, she was ABLE to really experience life as a result of the
dark.  After Toy told me the story, we continued to walk, and I began to
BELIEVE I would emerge on the other side of the cloud…

Thanks Sara Beth!  I know there are times when it is hard to imagine that the cloud will pass in our lives.  I know that in my life the cloud was darkest when my father passed away.  In the midst of the cloud, I think I even felt like God had cut Himself off from me even though I knew that was not possible.  Still I just began to get angry with Him and numb towards everything else, until the day the cloud began to have rays of sunshine break through.  It was almost 5 months of the cloud, and then I simply spoke to God about how angry I was.  That was the first step.  Then the healing began.  The warmth of better days called to me and I knew there was still life to be lived.  And now looking back, this side of the cloud is much brighter, more vivid, and my understanding of God’s love and healing more felt—more real—more needed.  Thanks Sara Beth for helping put music to a powerful picture of healing and moving forward in life.  You are  a blessing.
[mp3][/mp3]Click on the player to hear Sara Beth Geoghegan’s song “Other Side of The Cloud”.

moo-card art by Anna Johnson…

n736899510_1342910_7675529This is Anna…she is a junior and she is a doodler. I have asked her to use her power of doodle for good and not evil—here is a snippet of what Anna can do in her classes with colored pens and paper. Anna  doodled art for a moo-card.   Thanks Anna for sharing. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more from Anna in the weeks to come, but probably not this weekend as I believe she is going to Prom tomorrow night :).  minicard-31

Sara Beth Goeghegan: An artist we had to introduce you to.

Sara Beth Geoghegan has been back in the studio writing some amazing new songs. She is not a stranger among the girls ministry and student ministry circles in the South and we think that she is someone to keep an eye on as well as add to your girls ministry playlist. We got ahold of Sara Beth this week and asked if we could debut some of her songs on She not only provided us with 3 tracks but also gave us a “behind-the-music” insight into why she wrote what she wrote.

As a girlsminister, I listened to “I’m a dreamer” coming home from church today and I had snapshots of girls faces flicker in and out of my memory. I repeated conversations in my mind that I had with some of those girls and longed for conversations with others that I hadn’t been able to get to. I found myself praying the chorus over their lives and then I realized that this was a prayer I needed to have for myself as well. I needed to rest in God’s grace. I needed to not only extend grace to them but also to realize that I couldn’t be everything to each of them. But I could love them the best way I could and pray that He shines brightest in my weakness. Well here’s what Sara Beth says about her song…the link is at the end. Let us know what you think! We’ll post the other 2 songs throughout the upcoming weeks. If you want to find out more about Sara Beth…go to her website her myspace page

I’m a Dreamer: I thought about a tree… about how it sleeps in the
winter, it experiences a sort of death with losing all of it’s leaves, and
how vulnerable it looks all naked like that. I thought how odd it was
that a big beautiful oak tree in the summer could turn into a skinny,
timid looking skeleton in the winter. And it made me think about myself
because I was experiencing a sort of winter from within. There was so
much longing to be someone different, coveting really, and I came to terms
with the line in the song “i’m an oak tree in midwinter, i’m struggling to
breathe and stay alive. i am mighty in the summer, but to live it means
in seasons i must die…” That there was purpose for this season, and
that it was ok, that God is sovereign over the oak tree when it’s big and
green and full of life, and He is sovereign over the oak tree when it is
withered and barren and silhouetted by a gray, winter sky…

[mp3][/mp3]Click the arrow on the player to hear “I’m a dreamer” by Sara Beth Goeghegan

L.Y.L.A.S Girl Night Activity


Click the link that follows for a instruction download for a L.Y.L.A.S girl party!

Remember back in the day when you would sign each other’s yearbooks in letters like L.Y.L.A.S (Love ya like a sister)? Well we’re bring it back here at We are offering you a tried and true hour long activity that you can use for girls in your student ministry. We encourage you to randomly select girls from ages 6-12 and create “sisterhood clusters” that go through these activities together. It creates some memorable moments that girls in a girlsministry I know are still talking about. ENJOY and let us know how you revised it or share your own ideas. Feel free to email me your activities and we can submit them on here for others to use as well!