Being patient

I’ve been home a week now from the hospital since having Baby G added to the family.  One of the books that we read commented on how the mom should continue to wear the hospital tags as a reminder to herself and her family that she is still recovering and still a patient.  My husband encouraged me to do that this week, and we’ve had fun with it.  It’s actually been a reminder to me not to be some superwoman who tries to do everything.  For me, there were physical limitations that I truly am not able to do, and several times I or my husband would stop and remind me that I was still a patient. Through this experience,  I was thinking about our role as ministers to girls.  Sometimes these girls we love on look more adult than they really are.  We forget that they are still learning, growing, and needing specialized care during these formative years.  I have to stop and remind myself sometimes what it was to be that age, and then I have an AH HA moment that recalls the drama of girl friendships, or not getting asked to a dance, or etc etc.

So today I want you to pretend that each girl you minister to has a “hospital tag” on their wrist.  I want you to remember that you have been placed in their life to help them grow in Christlikeness.  The job you are doing is worth more than you know.  1 Timothy 4:8 says: while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.

What are ways you can help the girls God has placed in your life to be trained in godliness?   If you have only been having “girl talks” with no intentional margin to bring God into the conversation, I urge you to begin to pray about how you can do just this with the girl or girls you know. Maybe you don’t even know where they are in their walk with Christ…FIND OUT.  Begin there.

From that point on, begin praying for the teen girl God has placed in your life and see what God is calling you to do in their life to help them grow into a healthy young woman who knows her identity and purpose in Christ first and foremost.


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