Bible for Girls who like horses?

Wild about horses? A teen girls bible for girls who love horses. I haven’t even read this yet but seriously concerned that we’re trying to get girls hungry for the word by combining the bible with the topics they love. Where’s the Twilight bible for teens that love old, yet beautiful vampires boys? Too much? Sorry.

Here’s what Zondervan says about the bible and why they are doing a horse version:
Of the 152 girls they surveyed at one of their events…
Of the girls surveyed:

* 95 percent said they liked horses
* 84 percent said they were “excited to very excited” about this Bible
* 74 percent of the girls said that they would like a copy of the Wild About Horses Bible
* 88 percent said they liked the pictures on the special insert pages “a lot”

Mothers of the girls who were surveyed were also excited when they were shown sample copies of the new Bible, saying things like “We would have bought it today.”

“Our research confirmed that tween girls love horses and are excited about this Bible,” says Alicia Mey, Vice President of Marketing for Zonderkidz. “Today’s tween girls are bombarded with many different pressures. This Bible will serve as an entry point for drawing girls into reading the Bible text where they will find hope and inspiration for their journey.”

Wow—-my research confirms that I would say NEIGH to this approach of getting girls interested in reading the bible. (sorry i just had to)

oooh oooh ooh…I bet there is a special feature on Baalam because he is a talking donkey and donkeys kinda look like mutant horses. Well that’s where this girlsministry train is headed—-what do girls like? Let’s insert it into the bible so maybe they’ll read it.
I’m totally okay with a christian horse book…but let’s not get carried away. Hey how’s Revolve the teen mag bible doing by the way? 🙂 Nuff said.

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