FREEBIE Biblestudy: We Love Jesus…Yes We Do…


I just got back from a brief vacation after serving 2 weeks at summercamp. Imagine my surprise to find out that we had booked our relaxing vacation at the same hotel that a large teen dance competition was occurring. The bedazzled outfits, the up-do’s, the screeches and screams were 24-7. It reminded me of the wonderful teen tradition that took place back in my large state Christian youth event days. It never failed to happen that while we waited for the programming to start, either the wave or another tradition would begin—The “WE LOVE JESUS CHEER COMPETITION”.  Those students would now be in their 30’s and as the thousands that screamed out that they loved Jesus more—you would think that much would be happening as a result of  their self-proclaimed love of Christ.  However, sometimes we become Cheer-leaders and forget to be God-life livers.  Below is a freebie biblestudy to use with your teen girls to begin talking to them about not just been a cheerleader for Jesus but truly living it out.–Amy-Jo


Have students dream up a new kind of olympic sport, then have them come up with a cheer for that new sport.

DISCUSSION: If you put a group of teenagers together who are attending a Christian event with other teenagers, it usually doesn’t take long before you run into a bunch of people who will try to start the wave or begin chanting across the crowd to say this cheer: We love Jesus Yes we do, we love Jesus How bout you?

Whoever they point at has to quickly take up the challenge by repeating the cheer even more obnoxiously and louder to prove their love in the Christ they follow.

It makes me smile smugly to think about how easy it is to stand in a Christian concert or event and yell to a group of people that believe the same way as you that “You love Jesus” so boldly. Then the cheer ends with a group that will yell “WE LOVE HIM MORE. WE LOVE HIM MORE.”


Let’s transition into the day of Jeremiah the prophet. A time when no such rallies or concerts would have been welcome, because the people of God had turned away from worshipping Him and were fixing their attention on other things. So God called Jeremiah to tell His people they had stopped loving Him. He called Jeremiah to tell them the consequences of their actions. He called Jeremiah to tell them what He wanted to do in their lives if they would return to Him. He called Jeremiah to a difficult 49 years of constantly communicating the messages of God that would have sounded like bad news at times. I think Jeremiah would have rolled over laughing if he saw the way we boldly claim our love for God in youth group meetings, Christian concerts, and rallies but I think he would ask us if we would still proclaim those messages if no one else around us wanted to hear it. How long would you still stand and say what God had done in your lives if everyone was anti-God?

How do verses 4-10 help shape Jeremiah’s calling and identity?

What are Jeremiah’s fears and how does God respond to the excuses Jeremiah offers for not being able to answer God’s call?

If you were Jeremiah and you knew the hardships associated with being God’s megaphone, how would God’s promise in verse 19 be helpful?

Read aloud Jeremiah 1:4-5, and replace YOU with your own name. God has appointed His children to be a Holy Priesthood in some pretty dark places—what is your response to God’s call to declare a God-life in the places you are living? How does Jeremiah’s experience challenge you and/or your excuses?

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