Hacked. Dealing with The Dark Side

A couple of weeks ago, girlsminister.com experienced a hacker breaking into the site. Thankfully, I was in the site when the break-in occurred which allowed me to work with my IT guy, (also known as my husband) to regain control of my site. Thankfully when we got back into the site, we found that all of my content was still active. However, it had all been moved into the trash can. Most of my photos that accompany each article had been deleted, but we were able to save all the posts. Unfortunately, it has been a tedious clean-up job. I am thankful that we were able to save the site, but I wanted to inform you why some articles are missing pictures and appear broken. It was a weird feeling to have someone working behind the scenes to sabotage the site. It has been a reminder that in our ministry to girls and families, we are up against a much more dangerous hacker who regularly is setting up schemes and trying to hack his way into our everyday stories. So today, be on guard. When you least expect it—the deceiver shows up. Go to this article for ways that Satan tries to hack us and our ministry to girls and families: The Deceiver
As for us, we’ll keep updating and renovating the site until it’s back to it’s old self.

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