Happy New Year: Girlsminister.com gets an upgrade!


That’s right…the above picture is a splice of the new toolbar that is embedded on girlsminister.com.  This plugin allows readers to talk with each other and engage with girlsminister.com in ways we’ve not been able to do before.  Some of the features you need to check out:

  • Click on the Translate button and see what the site looks like in any of the 11 languages available.
  • Click on facebook community. This is one feature I am very excited about. When you use facebook connect, you can stay on the site and utilize facebook to talk with readers from girlsminister.com in a very cool way.
  • In addition, we will be using twitter and facebook to announce when we will be live chatting from the site.  You can check out the chat room by clicking on Join Chat.

So many new ways to connect! We’re very excited that now this site can offer some immediate ways for the community to talk straight from this site. Of course you will want to join mygirlsministry.com for more indepth networking features.  mygirlsministry.com offers a real time e-store and the first girls ministry social network for those who work with teen girls and their families.  It’s free so if you enjoy the networking here….make sure to check it out!  Oh and Happy New Year!

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