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I have great intentions of getting together with people for coffee. By the time I’m done with responsibilities on a Sunday or Wednesday, I have a handful of people that I know I need to touch base with over coffee or lunch.  The problem is sitting down to set up those meetings and get them in to my calendar. Anyone else have these problems?  I’ve tried countless scheduling programs but I am most excited about Tungle.  I even love it more after they just allowed me to select the days and hours to allow someone to set up meetings with me. There are several ways now that I can begin the process of connecting with those I have good intentions of getting together with.  1. I can send log into my Tungle account and select some days and times I’m available and send a request to emails I enter.  The recipients never have to register to Tungle to accept an appointment, and it even adds our meeting automatically to each other’s calendar.  2. I can send out my personal tungle link. Mine is

From this link, people can request times from my posted availability.  Tungle will then alert me to a request and ask me if I want to accept.  In addition, I can post my link on my blog, email, facebook—wherever…and if students, parents, or leaders want to contact me for a meeting–they can go ahead and go to my link!  The amazing thing is that Tungle will not double book me so on Mondays, I can send out several meeting invites and the first people to respond get a meeting booked.  So far it has worked great!  Just passing it along to you guys.  What do you think? Could this be something you would use?


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