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Sometimes it’s easier to know what I should be doing when someone gives me a to-do list.  I’m a great self-starter but on Thursdays…I have a hard time getting motivated because I gave all on Wednesday. SO, to help each of us, I’m starting HOMEWORK THURSDAY where you log on here to get a challenge to accomplish before the day is over.  Hope this is helpful.

Today, your homework is to mail 3 people a card.  I know…this may be the most excruciating thing you’ve done in awhile to have to physically write something and put it in the envelope.   But don’t let that stop you. You can use HAZELMAIL.COM to send a postcard from online that gets mailed.  You have to upload an image to use hazelmail.  Here’s one I used today, and you’re free to copy it and save it as a jpeg so you can use it too!  Enjoy and send a card to a student,  a parent, and a leader to complete your homework for today.


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