Holy Week Day 5: #myeasterstory2013

Holy Week Day 5

Holy Week Day 5: Jesus shares The Passover with His disciples and initiates The Memorial service (Do this in remembrance of me) then concludes with prayer in The garden. This is what I was reminded of today as I reflected on John 17, was that Jesus prayed for His disciples BUT it says He also prayed for those who “will believe”. This was comforting to me to know that Christ prayed for those who follow Him NOW as a result of those who followed Him THEN. As I reflected on His great sacrifice, that was what kept wowing my heart today. May your heart be encouraged as a Christ Follower as you reflect on Christ’s sacrifice. Even at such a time of immense agony, Christ had us on His heart. And as I pray tonight, I pray for those of you that I love and long for you to know The Savior I know. Not a religious institution‚Ķbut truly know Jesus.

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