One tip for all the single ladies


Proverbs 20:25
The Message (MSG) 25 An impulsive vow is a trap; later you’ll wish you could get out of it.

Marriage is an amazing gift! But all these pinterests and instagrams of weddings make people think they want that and need that right now! Ushy Gushy feelings, friends getting engaged, and glittery diamonds are not good reasons to say , “I do”.
Guard your heart! Don’t microwave the relationship and say/do things before they need to be done. Allow your Christ-centered relationship to blossom under His timing and purposes.

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One thought on “One tip for all the single ladies

  1. Such good advice. I love the term “don’t microwave your relationship”! I know in college people started getting antsy if they didn’t have a “ring by spring”. My mom often told me a miserable marriage is the loneliest place to be. Hope your ministry is going well!