Pixable: Your Girls Ministry’s best friend for memory keeping


It’s amazing how facebook has revolutionized our ability to save, comment on, celebrate, and keep in touch with memories through the facebook photo tagging abilities.  I know that within hours of an event, I have instant feedback from our students and leaders as they upload their photos to photo albums on facebook and tag me in on the fun.  Sometimes this can be my worst nightmare as we try to educate our students about what should be uploaded and what should not. However, today I just want to live in a naive world and pretend that all pictures are good pictures. You with me?  So wouldn’t it be great to somehow have tangible albums that can be printed off, even passed out the week after an event?  Let me introduce you to Pixable!  It’s pretty simple.      You have all the photographers (ie your students and leaders) now here’s how you can aggregate those into an amazing memory book or calendar.  Image the possibilities! Meet your new best scrapbooking friend. I can’t explain it better then them…so here is Pixable.com!


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