Sara Beth Goeghegan: An artist we had to introduce you to.

Sara Beth Geoghegan has been back in the studio writing some amazing new songs. She is not a stranger among the girls ministry and student ministry circles in the South and we think that she is someone to keep an eye on as well as add to your girls ministry playlist. We got ahold of Sara Beth this week and asked if we could debut some of her songs on She not only provided us with 3 tracks but also gave us a “behind-the-music” insight into why she wrote what she wrote.

As a girlsminister, I listened to “I’m a dreamer” coming home from church today and I had snapshots of girls faces flicker in and out of my memory. I repeated conversations in my mind that I had with some of those girls and longed for conversations with others that I hadn’t been able to get to. I found myself praying the chorus over their lives and then I realized that this was a prayer I needed to have for myself as well. I needed to rest in God’s grace. I needed to not only extend grace to them but also to realize that I couldn’t be everything to each of them. But I could love them the best way I could and pray that He shines brightest in my weakness. Well here’s what Sara Beth says about her song…the link is at the end. Let us know what you think! We’ll post the other 2 songs throughout the upcoming weeks. If you want to find out more about Sara Beth…go to her website her myspace page

I’m a Dreamer: I thought about a tree… about how it sleeps in the
winter, it experiences a sort of death with losing all of it’s leaves, and
how vulnerable it looks all naked like that. I thought how odd it was
that a big beautiful oak tree in the summer could turn into a skinny,
timid looking skeleton in the winter. And it made me think about myself
because I was experiencing a sort of winter from within. There was so
much longing to be someone different, coveting really, and I came to terms
with the line in the song “i’m an oak tree in midwinter, i’m struggling to
breathe and stay alive. i am mighty in the summer, but to live it means
in seasons i must die…” That there was purpose for this season, and
that it was ok, that God is sovereign over the oak tree when it’s big and
green and full of life, and He is sovereign over the oak tree when it is
withered and barren and silhouetted by a gray, winter sky…

[mp3][/mp3]Click the arrow on the player to hear “I’m a dreamer” by Sara Beth Goeghegan

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2 thoughts on “Sara Beth Goeghegan: An artist we had to introduce you to.

  1. I have been blessed many-a time by SaraBeth’s music. She led worship at my church’s Princess Retreat two years in a row, and the expression of her heart is so beautiful. She writes music for a woman’s heart – her first album has a song for every emotion and need. Her lyrics have brought me back to God’s throne room in prayer many times. For me, her first album is most definitely one that I will enjoy for years to come – it is timeless. And I have no doubts that her second one will be, as well, as soon as I can get my hands on it!! God Bless You, SaraBeth!