Statigram: Your insta-slideshow for instagram


So yesterday I shared with you the sketchy app called Snap Chat. Check out the article here.

Today I wanted to share a great site that has many uses for your instagram account and the instagram accounts in your student ministry. I’ll share one way we use it and how helpful it is. We have been sending students out to think of ways to use their instagram pics to express themselves for specific teaching series, or to document catalyst events and mission trips. Prior to the event we want students to capture, we will communicate a particular hashtag for them to attach to their photo when they upload it to instagram. For example, if you wanted your students to photo journal their mission trip to Uganda, you could tell them that whenever they upload pictures to use the hashtag #ugandatrip09.  Make it very unique so that you don’t pull in other people’s pictures that were not a part of your experience.   Next, after the event, you can then  log onto and search for that hashtag AND voila—it pulls all of those photos. Even if you aren’t following each other! Then you can click the icon in the top left hand corner and do an instant slideshow. Imagine the possibilities! Enjoy!

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