How to digitally share your favorite resources through shelfari

I’m sure it’s happened to you. It’s a Wednesday night, and a mom comes up to you wanting to know if you have a bible study for her daughter that you could recommend. Same day, (cuz you’re just really popular) a teenaged girl is wanting to find a resource to help her understand theology, and she wants to know what you recommend. Or maybe, you want to let your small group leaders see the approved curriculum you have for them to select for their groups this semester. If one or all of the above scenarios sounds familiar, you need to set up a Shelfari. It’s really easy. It’s free. Go to and begin setting up an online reference bookshelf. You can even create tags for specific people. For example, my entire bookshelf is
I just created a tagged bookshelf for some parents:
And embedded, it looks like below:

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