The Quest For Size 0 Is Causing a Generation of Unhealthy Girls

When I was growing up we had fun little fruits and vegetables singing cute songs to us inbetween cartoons. They taught me the food pyramid songs. I honestly never dieted in school. I didn’t struggle with my weight. I didn’t even know what caloric values were then. I wish our girls didn’t have to have such unrealistic expectations put upon their self images and bodies like they are having to endure today. Maybe you know some girls who are locked in what appears to be a Thin Cage. More than ever, girls are living unhealthy lifestyles and they don’t realize the implications of their “NOW” decisions.  To read more about how to handle this in your girls ministries, go to this article on dieting.
I saw this report and thought I would pass it on to you.

Janet Treasure, an eating disorders expert, said a ‘size zero’ obsession could be leading young girls to swing between starvation diets and junk food binges.

She said the fashion industry’s obsession with catwalk thinness left models at high risk of eating disorders yet millions felt inspired to try to copy them.

Professor Treasure, who is based at King’s College London, said: ‘Controlling weight and shape has become a moral imperative for many young girls. It is almost a sign of goodness to be slim.

‘The brain is undergoing a great phase of development from 12 to 25 and it needs a proper balance of oils and nutrients.

‘If you impair that critical phase, moods become less regulated, you have more difficulty understanding other people and you become less flexible in your thinking…

Read more: of the article here.

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