GIRLS MINISTER POP CULTURE MOMENT: if you seek amy, you won’t find her.

images2Well Britney has done it again. It was earlier this month that I was working out at the gym with my bootcamp friends and our trainer turned on a song.  Chris, one of the guys, commented on the song to divert us from the pain we were experiencing during our weight lifting.  He said—“what does this song even mean, and why is she looking for amy?”.  At that moment, Christy gasped and said “OH…this is that song with the secret vulgar message in the chorus.”  She told us to repeat the chorus “If you seek Amy” rapidly over and over again and we would know what Britney was wanting us to hear.  It was a sentence expressing a sexual advance.  The chorus doesn’t make sense—all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy.  (The F bomb+ me is the hint if you still are at a loss.)

Britney has gotten a lot of flack and also some praise with her witty hide and seek lyric game.  Britney has gone through a lot and so this post is not an attempt to slam her.  I do think that it is interesting that while her songs and antics continue to get her attention, she is still playing her own hide and seek game with her identity.  She hasn’t found it in a career. She hasn’t found it in a relationship.  She hasn’t found it in being a mother.  All of those things can be good things, but for anyone these good things will unravel if we put our identity into them.  I love what St. Augustine says:

You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.

It is my prayer that for Britney and girls everywhere, that they will find rest and completeness when they place their hearts in God’s care.  It is my prayer that they will seek their Identity, Significance, and Purpose through His eyes and not fill their lives with empty relationships, dreams, and throw-away moments.

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