Snapchat has been in the news a lot in 2014.  Mostly because users were hacked through 3rd party apps.  I tweeted out about the hack that was dubbed “The Snappening” earlier this year.  Well, the company is now introducing the ability to send cash between users.  I don’t think I need to explain to you the ways this could go horribly wrong among teenagers.  It won’t take long to connect cash to sexy selfies and I’m already seeing tweets from people offering money for their “pictures” via Snapcash.  Sure there are cute ways you can use snapcash like this video suggests, but I’m not sure I trust Snapchat when they say it’s SECURE.   They also say that you have to verify that you are 18+ to use this.  These actors don’t look 18 and the monopoly looking guy says: A great investment for ALL AGES.  So yeah Snapchat…I’m gonna pass on passing my bucks through your app.

See what you guys think…

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