Visual graph displaying info on Teens and cellphones

Flowtown put together a visual graphic communicating data regarding the use of cellphones when intersected with the life of a teen. It’s not totally surprising, but it is very interesting. Below is a screenshot of  a visual graphic. Some of the informataion that I took note of for future communication are the following facts: Teenage boys send an average of 30 text messages per day and girls send an average of 80 messages a day.  Also the data tells us that email is declining continuously among students.  If email is declining among teens and texting is increasing, its interesting to imagine what kind of world will they experience and shape when they come into the work force.

It says the next activity students use their phone for other than making calls or texts is for taking pictures.  That’s always a problem we battle when we tell students they can’t have their cellphones, because they quickly point out that they won’t have a camera to document their experiences.

Look at the data by clicking on the picture and let me know what your observations were as you saw the visual graph.


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