Reviews a resource called The Story

In Barnes and Noble, I stumbled across a resource I had not seen before. It’s called, “The Story” by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee. You can find more info about it here
It is definitely not something that I would suggest to replace a student’s bible, but it is a great tool to help students who may not understand how the story of scripture has an over-arching story. Here is the flow of The Story:
1. Creation: The Beginning of Life as We Know It / 1
2. God Builds a Nation / 13
3. Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh / 28
4. Deliverance / 42
5. New Commands and a New Covenant / 57
6. Wandering / 69
7. The Battle Begins / 88
8. A Few Good Men . . . and Women /102
9. The Faith of a Foreign Woman / 119
10. Standing Tall, Falling Hard / 127
11. From Shepherd to King / 143
12. The Trials of a King / 160
13. The King Who Had It All / 174
14. A Kingdom Torn in Two / 192
15. God’s Messengers / 202
16. The Beginning of the End
(of the Kingdom of Israel) /217
17. The Kingdoms’ Fall / 229
18. Daniel in Exile / 246
19. The Return Home / 260
20. The Queen of Beauty and Courage / 272
21. Rebuilding the Walls / 287
22. The Birth of the King / 304
23. Jesus’ Ministry Begins / 314
24. No Ordinary Man / 328
25. Jesus, the Son of God / 345
26. The Hour of Darkness / 360
27. The Resurrection / 374
28. New Beginnings / 382
29. Paul’s Mission / 399
30. Paul’s Final Days / 430
31. The End of Time / 451
Here is a discreet video I took while I was in the store. Notice the icons in the bottom of the resource. I thought they were pretty cool and helpful. What are you doing to help students understand the Meta-narrative in Scripture? Have you used The Story in your ministry?

A resource review on The Story; by Max Lucado/ Randy Frazee.

How to digitally share your favorite resources through shelfari

I’m sure it’s happened to you. It’s a Wednesday night, and a mom comes up to you wanting to know if you have a bible study for her daughter that you could recommend. Same day, (cuz you’re just really popular) a teenaged girl is wanting to find a resource to help her understand theology, and she wants to know what you recommend. Or maybe, you want to let your small group leaders see the approved curriculum you have for them to select for their groups this semester. If one or all of the above scenarios sounds familiar, you need to set up a Shelfari. It’s really easy. It’s free. Go to and begin setting up an online reference bookshelf. You can even create tags for specific people. For example, my entire bookshelf is
I just created a tagged bookshelf for some parents:
And embedded, it looks like below:

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