A song for rough days…

Today was a day that you don’t want to have in ministry. Today was a day when our student ministry received news concerning a 16 year old student who passed away after a battle with leukemia. Today was a day when about 170 students and leaders found their way to church to make sense of all that was going on. Today was a day where hope was spoken of often as tears ran down faces. Today was a day of celebrating that the one who had passed was no longer in pain and was in the presence of God in Heaven. But today was a rough day…a tough day. I heard some of my friends say to each other…”I can’t imagine having to go through this day without having the hope of Christ at work in all of this.” And even though I don’t have all the answers for the tough days…I do know that Christ is the hope and power that is at work in all of this.
It felt like the right time to share another one of Sara Beth’s songs. It’s called “Ooh, We Need Jesus”
Here’s what she has to say about it:

I was taking a walk in my neighborhood and looking at all the trees. It was early fall so the leaves were just beginning to change color. I started thinking of life as seasons. And the thought: “I’m living in the fall, the fall of us all” came into my brain, using the word fall as both a season and the fall of man. I was eager to get home because I wanted to start writing this song. When I finally got back, I picked up my guitar and wrote the whole thing. It’s a song about the gospel, and it’s not complicated. It’s just truth. We Need Jesus.

[mp3]https://girlsminister.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/03-ooh-we-need-jesus.mp3[/mp3]Click on the arrow to hear Sara Beth Geoghegan’s song “Oooh, We need Jesus”.

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