Dora the explorer grows up…what’s she looking for now?


Have you heard recently about Dora the Explorer getting a new look?

Dora the Explorer is growing up. The bilingual pre-school favorite is getting a tween makeover thanks to Mattel and Nickelodeon. Besides having a new line of toys and products to sell, Mattel wants Dora to age with her audience and “experience the new things” fans are going through.

I know that there have been a lot discussions among the mom networks about if the teen Dora is dressed provacatively.  I have other questions about the intent of a teen Dora. I know as an Aunt, my nieces both watch Dora.  I have thought it was great for them to allow Dora to take them on an exploration of her world and culture. They have learned and have been entertained. I just hope for their sake that teen Dora doesn’t take them on an exploration to help her look for her Identity, Significance, and Purpose.  It will be interesting to see what Nickelodeon decides to use Teen Dora to help viewers explore.  It’s kinda sad that even the animated world of girldom apparently is being asked to grow up.  Poor Dora…I just hope she doesn’t start hanging out with The Bratz dolls or start watching Gossip Girl. Interested to see what your thoughts on a Teen Dora might be.

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3 thoughts on “Dora the explorer grows up…what’s she looking for now?

  1. I had heard that she was coming up with a grown-up look, but I hadn’t seen it yet. Thanks for posting it.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this impacts other cartoons. Is Diego growing up too? And I’m curious to know why the creators felt the need. Bert and Ernie never grew up. Neither did Calliou. Why her? Why now?

  2. I really hate what they’ve done to Dora, my little sister watches it and really enjoys it. But now they’re making here all “growed” up and they’re really going to ruin it. JUST WAIT TILL DIEGO GROWS UP!!!! >:(