wishes mom’s everywhere a happy mother’s day!


We would be remiss if we forgot to wish mom’s everywhere a Happy Mother’s day because afterall at we believe that the first Girls minister should be the mother.  I had some time this Friday to spend with my mom. I’m hoping to introduce you to her later on this month as I think she has some great thoughts to share with this community.  It was a blessing to walk around a park I attended preschool in, and have some time to reflect on the past, share about the present, and dream the future with my mom—my best friend.  She has taught me so much and to her I am greatly thankful.  I hope you have had some time to spend with your mom today or if you are a mom, I hope you were celebrated with everything from breakfast in bed—to scribbled cards—to sticky kisses—-and perhaps a fancy dinner.

Today also is a great day to say something to the other women that God placed in your lives that have served as spiritual mothers.  Today I was told “Happy Mother’s day” about 15 times.  I am not currently a mother and this was the first year I received such greetings so I was a bit shocked at first.  Then I realized that some of them were just automatic accidental reciprocal greetings.  But there were some teenaged girls that came up and embraced me with Happy Mother’s day greetings. I reminded them that although a sweet gesture, I was not a mom.  I quickly asked what they had done for their mothers and these girls told me of different beautiful and/or creative or thoughtful acts of love they were planning to honor their moms with.  Later at the end of the conversation, one of the girls said—“you know you are like a surrogate mom to us.  You have journeyed through these teenaged years and taught us about Christ, so we can say Happy Mother’s day to you.”  It caused me to take pause and remember also the women that God has brought into my life who have been spiritual mothers to me.

I hope today you have been celebrated as either a birth mom or a spiritual mom….I hope you have taken the time to seek out those whom God has placed in your life to raise you and shape you both physically and spiritually—And I praise God that He allows us to pour our lives into other women and nurture them with His truth, His love, and His guidance.  Happy Mother’s day from all of us at!

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