Guest blog from Tiffany part 2: after you return home from summer camp

Today we welcome Tiffany Haynes back for part 2 of her guest blog series on moving students from the Summer Camp High to a practical relationship with Christ in the day to day. If you missed her first post you can find it: here

Overcoming Insanity (the “after” step).

Albert Einstein was a smart cookie. He once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you were a church camper once, you remember it well. Every year you’d go to camp, get hyped up on sugar, pumped up on Jesus, and then pack up and head back to reality. Same thing happens to students today (and that’s not a bad thing!). The bad part is – reality isn’t always fun to come home to (especially when the home life is rocky).
One thing we can do to counteract the post-camp slump is to help our girls develop fresh, godly habits. Routine ruts suck the joy from people. When we sense students falling prey to the “old life” or simply sense a downer day, we can help by introducing them to a new challenge. If you have student resources at your fingertips – scan through some books or material and see if anything jumps out at you to share with your girl, check and see if the camp speaker has podcasts that you could send to remind your girl to stay in the Word, or ask God to show you a verse to share with them. Whatever you do in relation to girls ministry, let God lead and remember that tiny sparks can ignite titanic fires. Be a sparker.

Thanks Tiffany for sharing from your heart this week. A great resource I have been talking about is Haley Dimarco’s “God Girl” and “God Guy”. It would be a great after camp read as it really lays out what it looks like to be a girl or a guy that is abiding in Christ. In addition, to get students into the habit of daily reading get their hands on either the message remix PAUSE or The message remix SOLO.  The pause leads students through the bilical text and then asks them some key questions regarding it. The Solo is a lectio divina tool in getting your students to READ THINK PRAY LIVE the text.  What about you readers?  What are some tools you like to put into the hands of students after a mountain top experience like summer camp?


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