SPRING MEETINGS: staying in touch with your volunteers

springmeetingsThis week our student ministry will be beginning our “SPRING MEETINGS” with volunteers. This is a new thing we are doing and I’m excited about it. Our 3 ministers took all the names of every volunteer small group leader and Sunday School teacher, then we divided the list up among the three of us. This will be a intentional 45-60 minute check in with every leader asking them key questions so that we can know how God is at work in and through their volunteer position. In addition, it allows us to know if they will be a leader in the fall, if there are dynamics that have cropped up during the last few months that they haven’t had a chance to let us know about, it helps us know how to pray for them personally, and to hear those stories that are victories God has done in their group that we may not have had the chance to celebrate with them. As a girls minister, it is my job to check in with all of our girl groups regularly and encourage our girls leaders specifically. I try to schedule ongoing coffee’s, lunches, and breakfasts with our leaders all throughout the year, but there are times when it is difficult to get to everyone. Knowing that we have 3 weeks to connect with all of our leaders regarding the same questions will truly be healthy and give us a pulse of what has been going on that we may not be seeing. It’s one more way to care for our leaders and really care for our students. I had my first spring meeting this week and it was such a blessing. Can’t wait to meet with my other assigned leaders. We are using TUNGLE to schedule all of these meetings and so far it has been going well. If you have missed what Tungle is…click here for my article discussing it. Now all of our student ministry staff have tungle pages!

So what do you talk about during Spring meetings?

Our team came up with some questions that we will use with all of our volunteers:

Check in with them to find out how their “7 ports of life” are doing. What are the 7 ports of life?

1. Family
2. recreation/entertainment
3. spiritual
4. work
5. social/ friends
6. self development
7. community/civic duty

What are some of the victories you have experienced this past year in your volunteer position?

How is your group doing in welcoming/ contacting members and guests?
(Open chair principle)

Do you have an associate teacher/ apprentice?  Do you have any you can recommend?

How can we help you be a better small group leader/ volunteer. what are the needs?

Are there any natural “healthy clusters” in your group that could help us identify how to multiply your group into another smallgroup? (Multiplication)

Do you feel led to lead a group next year?

Were you able to get to know the parents of your smallgroup students?

SHARE WITH US: what questions or checkin conversations do you have with your volunteers?

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