Tip of the iceberg

Just a little tip I’ve developed for myself to give me an idea of the possible magnitude of a problem or issue that is being talked about among the parents or students we work with. I call it: tip of the iceberg. If I hear feedback from 3 or more people that do not run in the same circles issuing the same concerns, then I know we’ve got an iceberg situation. I know that when the issue finally comes to me, then it’s probably been circulating among circles of parents and students already. So, should you begin to hear issues or concerns based on my tip, it’s time to address it or offer some solutions before it gets to be a barrier.

and if you are an attendee from the Girls Ministry Forum, this is the hidden post. So do your thing in the comment box to get your google voice number.

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One thought on “Tip of the iceberg

  1. I went to the forum and just happened to go back to my bookmark for your site after hearing it mentioned @ the forum.
    But I have NO idea what the “hidden post” you are talking about is… but I sure would like a google phone number. Any chance I could get it for just being lucky?? (or more appropriately, blessed?)