What if your Facebook account disappeared? What would you lose?

Facebook has been a helpful tool in communicating with family, friends, students, and parents. Prior to facebook, it was extremely difficult to capture photos from participants of retreats or mission trips. In fact, often you would need to have a photo event to receive copies. You wouldn’t get your photos until days, weeks, months after the event hype had passed. There was documentation lost forever because you didn’t bring your camera to an event. Now however, within minutes or hours, photos from your events are tagged on facebook. Now there are pro’s and con’s to this instant documentation, but for today’s post I want to focus on the pro’s of having all these photos instantly categorized and made available. But what happens if Mark Zuckerburg decides for some reason to commit worldwide social network suicide for everyone? What happens if someone figures out a way to break facebook and all that info is lost? Well I’m not saying that will happen but I do not put trust in putting all my digital content in one basket. That’s where SocialSafe comes in.

I paid $8 for the premium service but you can access this for free.  SocialSafe has only been with me for a day but so far, it’s a great option to make sure I have my photos (both uploaded and tagged) , friends (it only copies their facebook profile pic and their name), and wall posts secure in a desktop digital journal should something ever happen to my facebook account.

Check it out and see if that something you could use as well.

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